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Combine Harvester Training

Every combine harvester driver thinks that he is good at harvesting, that he knows how to operate his machine. That is what we used to believe, too. Our roots are in agriculture, we run a medium-sized agricultural contractor business with a fleet of 9 combines, among other machinery. In the past, we also thought we were using our combines to the best of their capacity. But we discovered there was room for improvement...

Nowadays, a combine harvester costs as much as a house. It needs to be profitable in order to pay back the investment - it should earn you more than a small rent. You want to earn money with your machine, just like we do. In order to achive this, the combine needs to generate turnovers and profits. A higher throughput is equivalent to a higher profit. The saying goes "time is money". That is what the business is about today - the machine needs to perform better. Every combine has a hidden potential, it just needs to be found.

Open the Concave and Drive Faster

What to do if, for instance, the ear is not threshed out completely? Most people will react like we used to in the past: one increases the rotary speed of the drum or tightens the concave setting. Today, the motto is "open the concave and drive faster". That may appear illogical - it certainly did to us at first. But it works.

If you increase the concave clearance and drive faster, higher volumes will go into the threshing assembly. The ear is no longer threshed out between the threshing tine and the concave - ears will thresh out each other, ear against ear. The result is a lower percentage of broken grains and, very importantly, less short straw. This puts less load on the walkers, which in turn can handle higher volumes of straw. Straw walker performance can be improved further by employing walker aids (see Straw Walker Optimisation). The sieves and airflow settings need to be adjusted, too, as the straw mat on the sieves grows thicker. High performance sieves are even better at processing thicker mats. The design of these sieves is different from that of standard sieves, which allows a further improvement in performance.

So - put in the walker aids and sieves, drive faster and increase the airflow? Unfortunately, things are not quite that easy. If you do not pay attention to some details you will see losses rather than gains. But a significant increase in performance can be achieved. We go out into the field with you and provide real-life harvesting training for you and/or your driver(s) in order to convey the essentials of this "high performance harvesting".

However, the correct configuration of the machine is essential, as well. Wrong settings of the pickup reel, grain lifters, conveyor chain, deflectors... may easily cause losses of up to 5%. We train you on the correct settings during a pre-harvesting training on the machine. These settings can be applied to nearly all combines, which means the driver can subsequently adjust them himself. This also means he gets to know his machine and its maintenance even better.

Today, any combine driver needs to operate the machine at its upper performance limit. Walker aids, high performance sieves and appropriate training will assist you in achieving this objective.

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